Can I be alerted about new publications?
Anyone may subscribe to the email-alert service of CEPA Newsletters to receive frequent updates.
How do I order a publication?
Click on Order a Publication on the website
How do I download a PDF file?
To download a PDF file , just click on the download button. The file will be opened, or you will be asked for a location where to store the file, or an application program to process the file. In case of a problem: always store the file on your computer first. If necessary, right-click on the link. If you have a problem opening a downloaded file on your computer: make sure that the file name is correct. The file name must be as shown in the status field at the bottom of the browser window, when the hand-shaped cursor is moved over the link on the web page. Correct the file name, if nesessary. For example, some versions of Netscape before version 4.5 may incorrectly give a file the extension .exe. Correct the file name. If the browser produces a message indicating that access to a certain temporary directory is impossible: store the file on your computer first, as indicated above.
PDF files and Acrobat
PDF files can be viewed and printed with the Adobe Acrobat Reader, which can be downloaded from PDF-files are made by us to be read with the Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 or higher. Using an older version, you might get problems reading a file. Possibly with an error message, such as Could Not Find ColorSpace. In this case, please download a more recent version of the Acrobat Reader. If you see only a blank window for some time, while the mouse cursor is not the hour glass: move the cursor out of this window. If it becomes the hour glass, then you know that something is still running and you have to wait. (We try to prevent this situation.)
Am I allowed to copy parts of CPB publications?
Without prior permission, you are entitled to quote CEPA publications, but not without crediting the source.