The Single Spine Salary Structure: Is it the solution to the Public Sector Pay Crisis?
By AHSAG          Posted date: 12th October 2009
Public sector wages have of late attracted a lot of attention in the media. While Health Workers Group (HWG) (comprising nurses, midwives, allied health professionals, administrators, accountants and other health sector workers) is complaining about unfair treatment within the health sector, other public sector workers are accusing government of discriminating against them. The public sector unions are currently threatening to use any means to ensure that Government implements the universal rule of 'equal pay for work of equal value' in the public service. Government acknowledges the genuineness of the concerns raised by the public sector unions and has therefore expressed a high level of commitment to implement the long awaited unified single spine structure comes January, 2010. Essentially the reforms will involve the placement of all public sector workers on an integrated pay structure. The public sector workers have been assured again and again that the single spine salary structure will address their concern for a living wage that will provide their families with a reasonable standard of living. There is therefore a high expectation that the implementation of the single spine will be a panacea for the public sector pay crisis. Can the implementation of the single spine salary structure make be a solution to the public sector pay crisis and will it be of benefit to health workers and Health Services Administrators in particular? Your opinion on the issue!

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